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The Centered Body Pilates Principles Program is an organized group class progression that we have applied to the Pilates Reformer setting.  The program uniquely teaches Pilates exercises to address faulty movement patterns that have been developed in the body.

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The CBP Principles program is designed to take the novice Pilates client to an advanced skill level within a 10 week period.  The 20 class program is split into 2 phases.  Phase one (10 classes) teaches the fundamentals allowing you to get to know your body, your faulty movement patterns and to introduce stability and control.  Phase 2 introduces more challenging, advanced exercises to bring your newly gained strength, flexibility, and coordination to a whole new level.  After completing the Principles program students will then have the ability to take our core classes.


All new students are invited to take our novice training Principles Program. Both phases are a pre-requisite to taking our Core Classes. Purchasing this program can be done by purchasing one phase or save $81 by purchasing both phases upfront!

Join Our Beginner Series
Pilates Reformer Principles Registration

To begin registration for our 10 weeks, 20 class beginner series, please fill out the following information. 

New Students Classes Pricing

Single Principles Phase
10 Classes
5 Weeks
Principles Phase 1 & 2
20 Classes
10 Weeks

New Principles Class Schedule

Starting March 14, 2023

Tuesday & Thursday

Starting April 17, 2023

Monday & Wednesday

6:15 - 7:15 PM

8:10 - 9:10 AM

Starting May 23, 2023

Tuesday & Thursday

6:15 - 7:15 PM

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