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At Centered Body Pilates, our mission is to change our clients' lives. We empower individuals to reach their health and fitness goals, but our mission is to change our clients' lives. We believe that our training programs and the skill of our staff meet the needs of today's body and inspire clients in ways that affect all aspects of their lives.

Our Team

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Our Philosophy

We believe strongly in the individuals ability to optimize their wellness through better movement efficiency and strength. The cornerstone of our studio is development of proper body mechanics through Pilates training. This idea is supported through additional training programs to further enhance body awareness and development.

Our Difference

At Centered Body Pilates, you can expect more than just a workout. Though, we promise, you'll get one! We involve you in the learning process making your Pilates practice better, stronger and deeper. When is the last time that someone asked you about how your body was feeling, listened and then devoted an hour to improving your movement and function?

Our Training

We believe that a good instructor possesses the ability to keep clients focused on form; the ability to motivate clients to reach for the next level and the personality to fit in with our relaxed, positive attitude in our studio. We invest in ongoing technical training for our staff in both the Pilates and CoreAlign environments, as well as in traditional health and fitness techniques and rehabilitation practices. We believe in a logical and scientific approach toward movement. Taking these foundational building blocks, we have an internal teacher training program in both the Pilates and CoreAlign class settings. We require each of our instructors to complete this 205 hour teacher training program in each of our class structures before they can teach for us.

Our Clients


I love that the instructors are highly knowledgeable, and care about you as a person to help you get the most out of each class, no matter what your particular physical limitations might be.

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