At Centered Body Pilates, we have seen the benefits of Pilates training touch all aspects of our clients' lives. We observed decreases in back and joint pain due to stronger core musculature, force distribution and joint alignment throughout the body, as well as better overall energy for daily activities. We notice decreases in shoulder and neck pain because of better posture and muscle balance in the head, neck, shoulders and upper back. We even see better performances in golf, tennis and running because of the increases in rotation and extension flexibility and postural alignment. There is a decreased rate of return to our Physical Therapy side and an overall improvement in life function. These are only a few examples of what our clients experience every day when they are involved in the CBP Pilates Training Program.


Pilates services at Centered Body Pilates range from transitional rehabilitation training to athletic performance enhancement. Wherever you are on your wellness journey we have an appropriate level to meet your needs.


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The CBP Difference

Centered Body Pilates remains true to the Joseph Pilates method of teaching movement by adhering to the standards set forth by the Pilates Method Alliance, but incorporates a modern approach. Our unique teaching style blends sound Pilates principles with current knowledge about today's body. We prioritize intelligent movement and believe that you, our valuable client, are an instrumental part of the learning process.



At CBP, Pilates is more than just a workout. We never teach a string of exercises only aimed at giving you a good workout, though you will get one! We aim to involve you in the learning process making your Pilates practice better, stronger and deeper. Our process of teaching Pilates always begins with and continues to emphasize the fundamentals of movement.

Tell me and I'll forget

Show me and I'll remember

Involve me and I'll understand

~Chinese proverb