Our mission is to assist in the recovery of postnatal mothers to restore self-confidence and empower them in motherhood.

Benefits of Postnatal Pilates


Some of the key benefits of Pilates exercise following delivery include regaining body awareness, core/pelvic strengthening, full-body conditioning, stretching, and stress relief. In addition, our classes offer mothers an opportunity to bring infants along to make exercise more accessible to all.

Individual Training Sessions

Your comfort comes first. Whether you would like to try an individual session before joining group classes, would like to practice pilates more frequently, can’t make the weekly class time, or feel more comfortable working in a private session we have options for you. At CBP we offer individual sessions to address your specific needs.

Group Classes

Our weekly group class is designed to provide postnatal women with a full-body workout in a safe and supportive environment. Group classes provide a great option for medically cleared women who have never worked out before or consider themselves advanced Pilates students. We welcome mothers to bring their infants with them. 

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