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Pilates Instructor &
CoreAlign Instructor

"Patience and Persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor."

This favorite quote of Joseph Pilates speaks to the passion and persistence Heather shows in her own Pilates practice and her instruction of Pilates to Centered Body Pilates clients.

Heather Whitehouse began Pilates with the encouragement of her daughter to renew her relationship with her own body. Her personal journey with Pilates began when she had a hip that became painful and basically non-functional. She started moving slowly on the reformer and saw such fabulous results. She realized that she needed to share her personal experience and passion for Pilates by pursuing certification to become a teacher. The GETS CORe program has rejuvenated her Pilates energy and she finds this program to be a great foundation for all bodies.

Heather is a comprehensive Pilates certified instructor through Stott Pilates. Her primary focus is on technique and quality of movement enabling the client to achieve their individual goals regardless of age or fitness level. To see returning happy students is in itself a great reward.

In addition to instructing Pilates, Heather also works at the Mattatuck Museum of American Art and History in Waterbury, as Associate Curator of Education. She is an avid photographer who spends her leisure time painting and reading. "I take my artistic side of my brain and apply it to the body with movement and to build strength in forgotten places enabling us to stay young, fit, and full of vitality."

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