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We don't only miss our Pilates Reformers, we miss our Centered Body Pilates family. CBP is sharing messages from our family to our family as well all weather the storm.


Hello Pilates family!  I can not fully express how much I miss hearing the laughter and seeing the connection that we all share in the CBP studio.  I hope that you are all doing well and staying healthy.  We are excited to share this space for us to reconnect with our pilates friends.  We miss you dearly and look forward to the day that we can reopen our doors and welcome you all home.  Be well friends.  Love, Francesca


We are all not in the same boat, but we all are in the same storm.

We are all in this together, even though our journeys may be a little different, our end destination is the same!

Gosh, I miss my quotes of the day, but more so I miss all of YOU! Guiding you all through movement is such a joy for me.

Sending everyone love & safe wishes. I can't wait to be back on the reformer with you. - Karin


Hello CBP family! I am missing you all tremendously as memories of CBP moments flow through my thoughts each day. I hope each of you are doing well in spirit, mind, and body. I can’t wait until we can all join together again to share in our love of pilates and fitness together. 

Love, Julie 

I miss my pilates family! Being a school teacher during this time has kept me very busy. I hope you all are safe and well!

Sheila H.

I miss you all in the 4:15 Tuesday/Thursday classes and hope you are well. 


If you would  like to share a message with our CBP family, email with your message

I miss my pilates family! Being a school teacher during this time has kept me very busy. I hope you all are safe and well!


Hope you all are staying healthy. Look forward to continued Pilates classes ASAP. It’s not the same without you.


I miss everyone, I miss my reformer, and can’t wait to get back. I hope everyone is safe and healthy. 


Hello Ladies and gentlemen ,


Firstly, I miss all of you so much!  I keep thinking of all our laughs we have shared over the years.  Thinking about how so many friendships were made here.  I pray for everyone's health.

And of course can not wait to roll back into the studio all together soon.  With much love, hugs, and  kisses (for some) lol!


Week after week we have all become a cherished part of each other’s’ lives.  I can-not begin to express how much I miss seeing everyone and our classes. Centered Body Pilates is as much a vital source of happiness and health for me, as I know it is for many of you. Although I struggle to stay sane and maintain my feel good Pilates body, I take comfort in returning to the warmth of our CBP studio. I think of all of you, hoping you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy.


Taking it one day at a time, means finding moments of joy in each day. A laugh. An uplifting thought. A feel good movement. A real or virtual hug. I wish you all happiness as you stay safe at home and can’t wait to hear about your adventures during this quarantine.


Sending virtual hugs, Sophie

Doug, J.

Hello everybody!

The thing I miss the most is my Pilates Reformer sessions!!! Thank you for all the good training you've poured into me so far--can't wait to start up again. 

Best Wishes, Doug

I miss going to class and I miss my Pilates Instructors and my friends I've made at CBP. I not only miss the benefits of Pilates for my body but my mind as well. Great stress relief.


Hello Friends, I miss you all soooo much!  I am hoping that you and your families are all healthy. I miss seeing your beautiful faces and chatting with you. Can’t wait till this is all over and I can see you all once again. I found this quote I wanted to share “The comeback is always stronger than the setback”,sorry Karin didn’t mean to take your quote of the day away.  Stay Strong, Stay Healthy.

Warmly, Sandra


I miss my pilates peeps!!! I miss everyone's faces, our chitchat before class, the laughter, Karin's quote of the day, the way my body feels when I leave and the connection we all have!! Fran you have been amazing through all of this! Can't wait to get started again!! Miss you all! Xoxo Leah

Hi everyone, not being able to go to Pilates has been the most difficult part of quarantine for me. Would appreciate any connections

You are awesome! Thank you for everything you do! Stay healthy and well and can't wait to 'see' you in any capacity whether it be live or on video! Be well everyone! xoxox

I miss my pilates classes, the teachers and my classmates. I can't wait for the studio to reopen.

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