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Welcome to the Centered Body Pilates Principles Program. We look forward to teaching you and changing the look, feel and approach you take toward your body. This program is a very organized and structured progressional program that has created great results with our participating clientele. There are often questions that arise prior to the first class that we would like to answer, as well as let you know as a new client what we need from you. To help you organize prior to your first class, we have created the following list of information that will assist both you and CBP with a smooth Principles Program start.

Please know how important the first class of the Principles Phase 1 is. We will review policies and orient you to what the rest of the course will entail, including equipment set up and usage, as well as foundational movement patterning. Although the total movement in each class will increase, what is reviewed in the first class will set the foundation for success in your Centered Body Pilates Principles Program.

First, we will need the following forms to be filled out and would prefer that they are returned prior to the first class if at all possible. If you are not able to return the completed forms to us prior to the first day of class, please arrive 15 minutes early to give yourself time to complete the forms. This will also give us a chance to be sure that each form is filled out properly, as well as have a chance to review any physical issues that you may have with the instructor before class begins.

To turn in:

Centered Body Pilates General Information and Consent Form

Medical History and Exercise Information Form

Centered Body Pilates Class and Individual Training Service Policies

Please ask at the desk if you would like a copy of the Policies for you to keep for your reference.

In Preperation of Your Class

Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions and recommendations regarding the Centered Body Pilates Principles Program classes.

  • Please be at least 5 minutes early to your first class so we can start on time. There is a great deal of information to cover in the initial class in particular.

  • We recommend comfortable but form-fitting clothing so we can “see” what your body is doing during movement. We also recommend wearing pants or tighter-fitting shorts; loose shorts are not ideal, especially for Principles Reformer classes.

  • Principles reformer classes are done without shoes. You may prefer either socks or bare feet. Many of our clients choose to purchase ToeSox, which give the sanitary benefit of socks along with a non-slip surface for increased traction and balance.

  • CoreAlign classes are performed wearing athletic shoes.  We ask that the shoes you wear be clean and preferably not used for outdoor activities. Older shoes showing wear patterns are not desirable. Please ask an instructor for information and recommendations regarding footwear.

  • Centered Body Pilates also has gloves available for purchase if you have wrist pain or hand traction issues. Ask us for more information if this is your situation.

If you or someone you know is interested in any Centered Body Pilates services, or are interested in a tour of the facility please let us know. Also ask for details about our referral program. If you refer a friend or relative you can receive $20 Centered Body Pilates bucks that can be used toward any Centered Body Pilates service.

What to expect from Centered Body Pilates Classes:

Program Organization:

The Centered Body Pilates Principles Program is composed 10 weeks of progressional classes that meet twice a week. Phase 1 (first 5 weeks) is the foundations phase where we establish the basics required to really build strong movement skills for future Phases. Phase 2 weeks 6 through 10) is the Integration and challenge Phase, where we take the basic foundations learned in Phase 1 and begin adding rotation and more multi directional exercises to the repertoire. In addition, we are really beginning to ramp up the intensity of the program by increasing the challenge of exercises and endurance throughout each class. By progressing through these two Principles Phases, we feel our clients will be ready to appropriately enter into the Advanced class structure. The Principles Program is a neurologically-based series with each session building upon the material from the previous classes. Therefore, it is very important to attend each class in order to get the complete progression and gain the most benefit from the structure.

The Advanced Classes are organized on a 1-month, 3-month or 6-month package structure and consist of Beginning/Advanced, Intermediate/Advanced, and Advanced/Advanced classes. The Advanced structure has much more flexibility in scheduling allowing our clients to pay for and schedule their own class days and times on our MindBody Online scheduling system. This system gives you the control to decide on classes that fit most conveniently into your own schedule!

Advanced Class cancellation policy: Because of space demand, a 12-hour notice is required for all cancellations of scheduled classes and make-ups. If less than 12-hour notice is given or no notice at all, then the student will forfeit the ability to make up that class.

Class Structure:

We have structured each class in the Principles Program specifically to encourage the most optimum learning environment possible. With this in mind, we address all three learning styles when teaching each new exercise:

  • Visual: Each new exercise, we show the entire class the exercise.

  • Auditory: We then will talk the class through each exercise using different “cues” to obtain quality movement.

  • Tactile: We continually circulate throughout the class while you are performing each exercise and manually correcting your form so you have a better understanding of how you should feel while moving through the exercise.

  • We will be giving individual corrections throughout each class. Although your instructor may be giving individual instruction to another participant, it is intended for all participants to take and apply the corrections to their own body if applicable.

Class Success Suggestions:

  • If you don’t understand specific cues or instruction, please ask the instructor to repeat or present the instructions in a different way. We can say the same thing in a different way that may make more sense to you. Your understanding of why and how we do each exercise, and why it is in the Principles progession, will help in your understanding of the exercise as it applies to your body.

  • Be aware of corrections that are being given to other participants in the class. Often, you will be able to apply them to yourself as well.

  • Be consistent with the classes. Because of the progressional nature of the Principles structure, participation in each class in the progression will provide the best results.

  • Utilize the supplemental package. This 2-hour reduced rate package ($120.00) will give extra time to refine some of the foundational and individual areas that will help speed up your progression in the class.

Injury and Soreness

If something during class doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Please keep your instructor informed if anything doesn’t feel right so we can make modifications as needed. If you ever feel that you body is not tolerating the exercises, or they are exacerbating anything in any way, we need to know at that time so that we can help you. Communication is critical when it comes to something that is happening with your body.

Soreness is usually minimal with our programs, especially in the beginning because of how we’ve organized the progression. If you are sore, again let your instructor know so we can address this if necessary.

Thank you for your interest in Centered Body Pilates. If there is anything that we can do to make your experience better please do not hesitate to ask.

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