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Winter Snow
Winter Weather Policy

We wanted to take a moment to review our snow policy.  At CBP, our goal is to keep our clients and staff safe on the roads but to also try not to have to cancel your favorite classes.  Please take a moment to read through the following policy and let us know if you have any questions.


  • CBP will do its best to track storms and keep classes open if the roads are safe to travel.

  • You will receive an email from Mind Body Online if your scheduled class is canceled.

  • Please be sure that your email is current in the MBO system.

  • We will update our status on our Facebook page if we cancel classes.

  • We will also change the voicemail at the studio (860-430-2344) to reflect closures if you are not able to access the email.

  • If a class is not canceled due to the snow, you may always choose to be a late cancel, however late cancel policies will apply.

  • If you are uncomfortable driving in the snow, we recommend that you early cancel your class, and then sign up again if the snowstorm passes and we hold class.

  • Principles classes:  If we hold class, despite the snow, and you choose not to attend, the regular makeup policies apply.  If we cancel class, you will be notified of the scheduled makeup of your class.  If you can not attend that makeup (we do our best to schedule it for a time when most could attend) then other makeup policies apply.

Again, our priority is always to keep you safe.  But, we also hope to be a reliable resource for your health and fitness needs.  This has been our policy for a few seasons now and it has been effective.  Please let us know if you have any questions. 

3 Ways To Check on The Status of your Scheduled Class

Here are 3 ways to check if your class has been canceled even when we can't answer the phone.

  1. Check the schedule on MINDBODY

  2. Check your email (and spam folder) for a cancellation notice. 

  3. Check our Centered Body Pilates Facebook page. (No need to log in, simply visit the page for the latest post.)

On a wintery day always, take a moment to check before you head out the door. The MINDBODY schedule will be the most accurate and easiest method to check on the class status. 

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