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All CBP clients (and even your friends/family) could purchase a class and join us for class.  That means, even if you have never taken a class at our studio, you can join us in the virtual mat classes!  Can’t join us for the Live class time?  Simply purchase and sign up for the Mat Class RE-PLAY and we will send you the link to access the class at your convenience!  Simply Log in to your MindBodyOnline account and purchase a Virtual Mat Class for $16 or a Package before you schedule.

LIVE Virtual Mat Class Schedule

Live classes are offered Monday 7:15 AM via Zoom. When you purchase a virtual mat class your receipt will be emailed to you with the Zoom link.

RE-PLAY Virtual Mat Class

Upon purchase, sign up for the RE-PLAY within the MindBody system. Classes are available Monday - Saturday. The class is listed on the schedule at 12 PM, but you will have access to it at any time after the live class occurs. The Zoom link to access this class will be sent to you after the LIVE class has completed. The link is good for one view within 48 hours. Clients will need to download Dropbox on their device to view the video

How to Zoom

You can download zoom on a phone, tablet, or computer.  When you purchase the mat class, you will receive a link to connect to the zoom class.  Just prior to the class you will go into your email account and click on the link to access the class.  It will launch zoom on your device and Francesca will let you into class when class begins

CALL 860-430-2344 TO REGISTER
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