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Combining a ladder with two sliding carts within a frame might seem like no big deal. But the deceptively simple CoreAlign, designed by Jonathan Hoffman, PT, delivers a true muscle-sculpting and cardio combination. Both safe and incredibly effective, your workout starts with simple moves and then increases in difficulty until you reach a sweat-soaked, muscle shaking sense of accomplishment. The workout combines challenging strength work, core-controlled aerobic training, and deep stretches. You will leave feeling refreshed, limber and toned with a wonderful sense of posture.


Challenge your full body organization while focusing mainly on standing movements and postures.

A full-body functional workout that addresses posture, strength, flexibility, core control and body awareness in the standing position.

The ability to focus a workout to many functional standing activities such as: golf, running, walking, cycling, and more.

Because you must integrate the entire body into movement, as in life's activities, you cannot progress to a higher level without uncovering isolated weaknesses and training them. By progressing through CoreAlign movements, we train our body in better alignment and become stronger and more functional. From this stronger and more functional alignment, we will perform better- whether we are looking to stand taller and move more efficiently, rotate further to serve in tennis or to drive a ball further in golf, or to run faster- CoreAlign will get you there!

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